SOFI TUKKER Shares How Their #1 “Sun Came Up” Was Born, #FinkysFavorites

Photo: @iamBrianFink on IG

Always love catching up w the insanely talented SOFI TUKKER, especially when it’s celebrating another #1.

The duo share how their latest #1 song “Sun Came Up” came together w John Summit, and how long it actually took for it to be finished. (Watch the full interview below)

SOFI TUKKER also takes on #FinkysFavorites!

Find out their:

  • Favorite place to watch the sun come up
  • Favorite classic song
  • Favorite places to play live
  • Favorite fan moments
  • Favorite SOFI TUKKER song
  • Favorite thing about each other


SOFI TUKKER & John Summit - “Sun Came Up”

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