HRVY Talks His Smash “1 Day 2 Nights”, New EP, #FinkysFavorites

Photo: YouTube/iamBrianFink

Celebrating his smash “1 Day 2 Nights” breaking into the top 10 on the dance charts, HRVY shares how the song was born. Plus how he’s been during the pandemic.

He also shares what fans can expect from his upcoming EP “Views From The 23rd Floor”. (Watch the full interview below)

HRVY also takes on #FinkysFavorites!

Find out his:

  • Favorite advice he’s gotten and from who
  • Favorite dance
  • Favorite place to spend 1 day and 2 nights
  • Favorite place to perform
  • Favorite thing to think about before going out on stage
  • Least favorite tattoo


HRVY - “1 Day 2 Nights”

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