Audien Shares How "Wish It Was You" Was Born, New Music, #FinkysFavorites

Photo: YouTube/iamBrianFink

In celebration of “Wish It Was You” w/ Cate Downey going #1 on the dance charts, Audien shares how the song was born. He also shares how he’s been in the past year, and talks new music.

(Watch the full interview below)

Audien also takes on #FinkysFavorites!

Find out his:

  • Favorite other choice for names besides ‘Audien’
  • Favorite trance song of all time
  • Favorite Audien song
  • Favorite artist he’s worked with
  • Favorite place to play live
  • Favorite item to travel with


Audien ft Cate Downey - “Wish It Was You”

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