FITNESS CHALLENGE: Super Fly By 4th Of July Week #2 Check-In

I've encountered a slight set-back...

Sooooo the first week I was able to crush 5 workouts (my goal per week), ate healthy for the most part & ended up losing 4.6 pounds.

Week #2 was not so successful. Like, at all.

I was about to make an Orangetheory Fitness class on Tuesday & it was amazinggggg! Then Wednesday hit & it was all downhill from there. Woof, like bad. Happy hours, Disney treats & a Rays game (where one simply MUST have a hotdog and beer). Throw in a few home repair issues, a car in the shop & a sick dog = yikes. This weekend was crazy too.

BUT I AM NOT GIVING UP. I'm not! I still have 18 days til the 4th of July & that means 18 opportunities to complete this self-imposed challenge. I'm hitting the reset button bc yeh life happens. Full disclosure, I chose to not weigh myself this week because I'm trying to keep my head in the game & I think that will most likely trigger some toxic self-talk, so it is what it is.

Stay tuned for hopefully more positive results to report back next week!

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